A Prayer for Gratitude

At some point during my first seminary degree, I wrote this prayer. I came across it while looking for some other files last month and thought it would be an appropriate post for Thanksgiving. It was originally written as an individual prayer, but re-reading it after a few more years of education and life under my belt, I see it as more of a collective prayer of God’s people. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

For A Heart of Gratitude

Lord, give me a heart of gratitude which looks beyond my appreciation for creature comforts and the accepted signs of success…your blessings which can so easily take your place.

Give me a heart of gratitude…

…which is ever and always thankful for you as the giver of good gifts. Continue as the wise benefactor who sustains not only through bread, but through every word you have spoken.

…which refuses to surrender to frivolous complaint or to give in to discontentment.

…which is so warmed by thanksgiving that I can do nothing but appreciate the beauty of the creation you have made, rejoice over the joy you bring to the world, and affirm goodness wherever it is found.

…which remembers you as my place of sanity and stability in a world that is often ambiguous, frustrated, and conflicted.

…which rejoices even in the midst of suffering. Even when there is not enough…when you seem to have abandoned those who love you, let me be thankful for your presence and trusting of your plans…to find you worthy regardless of the situation.

…which always remembers your gracious act of sending your Son as Savior and to reveal who you are that we might know you.

Lord, allow our celebration of thanksgiving to be a reminder that you have given us so much to be thankful for…help us not to forget you as we celebrate all that you have given us. We are thankful both for the gifts and for the giver.

Thank you Lord. Amen.