A Prayer for Christmas

I just finished my 2300th burpee this month and it got me in a contemplative mood. Nothing like a little early morning sweat to get the heart and mind in the right place. As you all roll into the Christmas season, get busy (probably busier), my hope is that you will take time, even if it is during a workout, to remember why all of this Christmas stuff happens. Maybe the this prayer will help….blessings!


Moving into this Christmas season, I feel the tyrants of “rush” and “hurry” pressing on me. I can sense the busy work of caring for meals, carting presents, cleaning up kitchens and dining rooms, and attending events breathing down my neck. They want to overshadow the joy and peace you desired to bring into the world with the birth of your one and only Son…they want to overshadow you and the blessed gift you sent.

Give me the strength, perspective and wisdom to be a calming influence this Christmas. Help me exercise an inhuman patience this season that those around me would see your peace reflected in my demeanor. Grant me a heart that is so full of gratitude that even the most challenging of situations will not obscure my view of the many gifts you have provided.

Finally Lord, let me approach Christmas with a heart that desires to praise you and to stand in awe of the God who came down to redeem a world at odds with him. Thank you for the ultimate Christmas gift of your Son. Amen.